Numero 10

Cultura e Scienza del Colore - Color Culture and Science - Numero 10

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Cover - Colophon - Index and Editorial by Maurizio Rossi

Meriem Benkhedda, Kheira Tabet Aoul

Color on Ceramics in the Medieval Architecture of Tlemcen, Algeria: Light, Ambiance and Symbolism

Ute Besenecker, Ted Krueger, John Bullough, Zachary Pearson, Robert Gerlach

The experience of equivalent luminous colors at architectural scale

Hélène de Clermont-Gallerande, Nicolas Rolland, Patrick Doucet, Julie Deydier, Anne Varichon, Barbara Blin-Barrois

The changing colour of CHANEL’s lipstick ranges from 1960 to 2015

Laura Bellia, Massimo Osanna, Gennaro Spada, Annamaria Mauro, Chiara Donzella, Francesca Fragliasso, Emanuela Stefanizzi

Light and colors in the “Villa dei Misteri”

Maria Kirk Mikkelsen

A Colour Palette Methodology

Justyna Tarajko-Kowalska

Blue color traditions in Polish wooden architecture – valuable cultural heritage and a source of inspiration

Manuel Melgosa, Guihua Cui, Claudio Oleari, Pedro J. Pardo, Min Huang, Changjun Li, Ming Ronnier Luo

Is it possible to improve the weighting function for lightness in the CIEDE2000 color-difference formula?

Michela Rossi, Giorgio Buratti

From decoration to industrial design: Gio Ponti and color in architectural innovation

Anna Mazzanti

The contribution of colour in the artistic representation of the sacred. Italian innovations from the end of XIX century to the first part of the XX century

Eszter Dudás, Ágnes Urbin

Improvement of a lamp construction with a highly reflective material

Pietro Paglierani, Francesca Valan

A digital framework for color design and education

Maria Martone, Floriana Papa

Colors, lights and shapes in the Naples underground. The “art stations” of Line 1

Giulio Bertagna, Aldo Bottoli

Colours for SLAncio. Project of the scene for a service and care facility in Monza


COMMUNICATIONS AND COMMENTS, Michela Lecca and Osvaldo Da Pos

REVIEW, Andrea Dall’Asta - The light splendour of truth. Paths among art, architecture and theology from early Christian to baroque, Renata Pompas

DOI: 10.23738/ccsj.i102018.00