Issue 6

Cultura e Scienza del Colore - Color Culture and Science - Issue 6

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Editorial by Maurizio Rossi

Fabio Colonnese

Chromatic gradation as a symbolic and spatial device in the European context: Piero Bottoni’s Cromatismi architettonici

Antonella Versaci, Alessio Cardaci

The restoration of color in the French historic cities: approaches, methods and experiences

Chiara Gregoris

Colour and light in communication of fabric façades

Valeria Biasi, Paolo Bonaiuto

 Emotional Qualities of Colours Added to Humorous Illustrations

Letizia Bollini

Topos vs. Iris. Colour design in Web 3.0 mobile app and OS: a critical review

Giulia Pellegri

The Drawing for the Colour Project: study on the compositional patterns in connection with the chromatic planning choices

Tiziana Cavaleri, Isabelle Clonier, Paola Croveri, Annamaria Giovagnoli, Anna Piccirillo

Colorimetric and spectrophotometric analyses for an ecoinnovative application of natural dyeing in restoration

REVIEW - Food, colour and art, Renata Pompas

COLUMN - Communication and comments, Michela Lecca and Osvaldo Da Pos

DOI: 10.23738/ccsj.i62016.00