Issue 5

Cultura e Scienza del Colore - Color Culture and Science - Issue 5
Special Issue on Food Colour

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Editorial by Alessandro Farini and Anna Grazia Mignani

Kyoko Hidaka

A Comparison of Color Schemes and Images in the Package Design of Sweets in the US and Japan

Maria Luisa Musso

Colour as a Code in Food Packaging: an Argentine Case

Marina Mastropietro von Rautenkrantz

Colour in Food Packaging Strategies and Rules

Daria Casciani, Fulvio Musante, Maurizio Rossi

Domestic Horticultural - Centric Lighting Design

Lucie Ling

Tea versus celadon: some chromatic interactions

Paul Chambers, Marianne Patera, Trevor Cox

A Look into Cross-modal Associations between Taste, Color and Music

Anna Poli

Food Perception Without Colors

DOI: 10.23738/ccsj.i52016.00