Issue 7

Cultura e Scienza del Colore - Color Culture and Science - Issue 7

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Editorial by Maurizio Rossi

Anna Luana Tallarita

Red: the symbol in history

Anna Marotta

Art and colour in the requalification of the urban areas and landscapes

Michela Lecca

Using color and local binary patterns for texture retrieval

Fabrizio Apollonio, Andrea Ballabeni, Marco Gaiani

Highlight and specular reflection removal in photogrammetric techniques applied to architectural heritage 3D modeling

Shogo Nishi, Akira Kimachi, Motonori Doi

Image registration for a multispectral imaging system using interference filters and application to digital archiving of art paintings

Jodi Sandford

Color categorial perception and second language acquisition

REVIEW - Michel Pastoreau "Rosso storia di un colore", Renata Pompas

COLUMNS - Communications and comments, Michela Lecca and Osvaldo Da Pos

DOI: 10.23738/ccsj.i72017.00