Issue 8

Cultura e Scienza del Colore - Color Culture and Science - Issue 8

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Editorial by Maurizio Rossi

Michela Rossi, Maria Pompeiana Iarossi, Giampiero Mele

Principles and applications. Consistency and experimentation in the work of Piero Bottoni, from the “Cromatismi” to Sesto San Giovanni

Agapito Di Tommaso, Vincenzo Garro, Anna Maria Gueli, Sabina Martusciello, Maria Dolores Morelli, Stefania Pasquale

Colour quantity contrast in Itten’s Theory: Spectrophotometry for verifying statements

Desirée Sabatini, Ivano Forte, Ilma Schiavitti, Mauro Sabatini, Alessio Pietrini

The recovery of the original colour of the archive material: the digital colour correction of the ancient anti-Semitic discourse of the Duce in 1938

Anna Luana Tallarita

The meanings of the Red

Lynne Bartlett

An overview of the history of the use of colour in jewellery

Agata Kwiatkowska-Lubanska

Colour as a mass product. Designing of the collection of interior paint colours for the Polish market

Daria Casciani, Maurizio Rossi

Exploring the relationship between LEDs Lighting, Urban materials chromaticity and People: measurements, design and evaluation

REVIEW - Riccardo Falcinelli "Cromorama. How color changed our gaze", Renata Pompas

COLUMNS - Communications and comments, Michela Lecca and Osvaldo Da Pos

DOI: 10.23738/ccsj.i82017.00