VOLUME 11, Issue 01

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Cover - Colophon - Index and Editorial by Maurizio Rossi
Contemporary architecture and colour: final definitions for mapping intent - DOI: 10.23738/CCSJ.110101
Marco Borsotti
Color emotion as a feasible tool in a participatory project for a Primary School - DOI: 10.23738/CCSJ.110102
Cristina Boeri
'Khrôma' the first software for management of the Color and Decoration Plan for small historic villages - DOI: 10.23738/CCSJ.110103
Filippo Cherubini, Andrea Casini, Costanza Cucci, Marcello Picollo, Lorenzo Stefani
The Tropical Aquarium: a case of polychrome decoration in the architecture of the early 1900s - DOI: 10.23738/CCSJ.110104
Carlo Giannattasio
Evolution of colours in football shirts through colorimetric measurements: Fiorentina's case. - DOI: 10.23738/CCSJ.110105
Alessandro Farini, Elisabetta Baldanzi, Marco Raffaelli, Francesco Russo
Painted or not painted? Discovering color traces of ancient stones - DOI: 10.23738/CCSJ.110106
Susanna Bracci, Donata Magrini, Giovanni Bartolozzi
Industrial colour invention: a comparative analysis from the perspective of the colourist designer - DOI: 10.23738/CCSJ.110107
Lina Perdomo
How the colours of objects and light affect human emotions, performance and health. The need for a holistic approach to design indoor environment. - DOI: 10.23738/CCSJ.110108
Giuseppe Barbato, Laura Bellia, Alfonso Morone
Semantic resonance to light sources of different correlated colour temperature - DOI: 10.23738/CCSJ.110109
Pietro Fiorentin, Osvaldo da Pos, Elena Pedrotti, Ariella Metellini
Millennial pink: gender, feminism and marketing. A critical Analysis of a color trend - DOI: 10.23738/CCSJ.110110
Kévin Bideaux
REVIEW: Two books that describe pigments and dyes, in a different and complementary way.
Renata Pompas

DOI: 10.23738/CCSJ.110100