Interaction of color scheme and noise in the metro interior. Multisensory evaluation and subjective testing


  • Natalia Alekseeva PhD in Environmental Technical Physics
  • Alessandra Cirafici Department of Architecture and Industrial Design «Luigi Vanvitelli», The Second University of Naples
  • Vincenzo Paolo Senese Department of Psychology, The Second University of Naples


Color, lighting, visual perception, digital, design


In this paper the results of research, aimed at investigation of the acoustic comfort on board of urban transport systems are presented. A large segment of the research is devoted to the experimental analysis and evaluation of the interaction between the metro car interior color and noise perception, through the use of virtual reality and subjective tests. Several studies showed that vision and audition instead of being independent modalities interact in complex ways. The results of this research showed that, despite of expectations of the interaction of sound and colors impacts on personal judgments, evaluations given to the interior colors were influenced only by the color scheme. Sound environment perception was influenced only by the noise factor. [...]


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