The selection of colors for fashion collections in relation to color theory

a case study from the analysis of Brazilian ready-to-wear

Keywords: Color chart, Fashion Design, Brazil, Color Theory


This paper is a Brazilian case study that will demonstrate the relevance of the color chart in fashion management. In general, clothing creation companies usually select several specific colors to use in order to assist not only the creative process, but also to guide the purchase of inputs such as fabrics and trims for each collection. It is worth saying that the colored samples of these colors are organized on a sheet of paper and each one receives an identification. That said, the purpose of this paper is to analyze the way in which companies arrange colors on the chart in order to check if there is any relationship with the color theory in this process.


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Costa Pinheiro Monteiro, G. and Assis Peres Silva, C. (2021) “The selection of colors for fashion collections in relation to color theory”, Cultura e Scienza del Colore - Color Culture and Science, 13(01), pp. 24-31. doi: 10.23738/CCSJ.130103.