The Cultura e Scienza del Colore - Color Culture and Science journal accept papers on a wide range of topics con color, including the following:

  • Color and Measurement/Instrumentation. Colorimetry, photometry and color atlas: method, theory and instrumentation; quality control and food coloring, dyes, organic and sustainable color.
  • Color dnd Digital. Reproduction, management, digital color correction, image processing, graphics, photography, printmaking and 3D print, video production, artificial vision, virtual reality.
  • Color and Lighting. Metamerism, color rendering, adaptation, color constancy, appearance, illusions, color memory and perception, color in extra-atmospheric environments, lighting design, lighting technologies.
  • Color and Physiology. Mechanisms of vision in their experimental and theoretical aspects, deficiencies, abnormalities, clinical and biological aspects, synesthesia, health.
  • Color and Psychology. Phenomenology of colors, perceptive, emotional, aesthetic and diagnostic aspects.
  • Color and Production. Food and beverages, agriculture, textiles, plastic materials, ceramics, paints, gemology, color in the food industry.
  • Color and Restoration. Archaeometry, painting materials, diagnostics and techniques of conservation, restoration and enhancement of cultural heritage.
  • Color and Environment. Representation and drawing, urban planning, project of color, architecture, landscapes, color and architectural syntax, territorial identities.
  • Color and Design. Furniture, design, fashion, textiles, cosmetics, food design, museography.
  • Color and Culture. Art, history, philosophy, aesthetics, ethno-anthropology, geology, sociology, lexicology, semantics, anthropology of vision, food culture and heritage.
  • Color and Education. Pedagogy, didactics of color, aesthetic education, artistic education.
  • Color and Communication/Marketing. Graphics, communication, packaging, lettering, exposure, advertising.