About the Journal

Cultura e Scienza del Colore - Color Culture and Science journal (CCSJ) is a blind peer-reviewed, diamond open access journal, free for readers and authors.

The focus and scope of the journal has a multidisciplinary approach, dealing with the main topics related to Color and Light and the technical-scientific, cultural and professional sectors connected to them, with a multidisciplinary approach, as defined in the context of the international research. CCSJ publishes comprehensive reviews on specific fields and regular research papers. The aim of the Journal is to encourage scientists and researchers to publish their experimental results and theoretical work in a comprehensive way. CCSJ provides a forum for the exchange and sharing of scientific knowledge and expertise in the areas of:

  1. Color and measurement/instrumentation.
  2. Color and digital.
  3. Color and lighting.
  4. Color and physiology.
  5. Color and psychology.
  6. Color and production.
  7. Color and restoration.
  8. Color and built environment.
  9. Color and design.
  10. Color and culture.
  11. Color and education.
  12. Color and communication/marketing.

Articles published in the “Cultura e Scienza del Colore - Color Culture and Science" journal are distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY). The copyright is retained by the author(s).

Authors are required to include a statement of funding sources in their articles. Any sponsorship received by the CCSJ is declared by the Editor-in-chief in the journal pages. The sponsors cannot in any way influence the results of the blind peer review process for the publication of the articles.

The Gruppo del Colore - Associazione Italiana Colore is a scientific and cultural non-profit organization whose aims are the promotion of science and culture of Color and Light and the technical-scientific, cultural and professional sectors connected to them, with a multidisciplinary approach. The CCSJ was established in 2014 by this Association deciding to add another instrument of cultural dissemination, in the form of an open access journal, freely available for everyone. The CCSJ has joined ROAD, the Directory of Open Access scholarly Resources, in 2014. Since vol 4 (2015) the CCSJ only publishes articles in English. Since vol 5 (2016) it only publishes articles that have passed the blind review process and uses the Digital object identifier which allows the lasting and univocal identification on the Internet of the journal, of each issue and of each article published with a blind review process.

The personal data entered in the CCSJ site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be disclosed for any other purpose or to any other parties. The authors express their consent to the processing and dissemination of personal data for purposes related only to the publishing of accepted article according to the law GDPR (EU) 2016/679 and Dlgs 196 June 30th 2003.