Peer review process

All articles submitted to the Color Culture and Science Journal are peer-reviewed according to the following procedure:

First review level
The Associate Editors evaluate each article in order to determine if the topic and content are of interest to the journal. Once the article passes the initial review, the Associate Editors select several reviewers from the Editorial Board based on their expertise in a particular subject area or topic.

Second review level
Each article is reviewed by two or three reviewers and submitted to  a blind peer review process where the reviewers are kept anonymous. Reviewers are asked to evaluate the manuscript based on the following criteria: 

  • Originality
  • Relevance to journal’s aims and scope
  • Cultural and/or technical merit and/or validity
  • Soundness of methodology
  • Completeness of the reported work
  • Conclusions supported by the data
  • Correct acknowledgment of the work of others through reference
  • Effectiveness of the manuscript (organization and writing)
  • Clarity of tables, graphs, and illustrations
  • Importance to color researchers
  • Relevance to color practices

If the article is accepted with major revisions by the reviewers, the author(s) are asked to improve the article according to the suggestions of the reviewers. The revised article will then be submitted to a further review.

After collecting the reviewers' reports, the Associate Editors make a recommendation on the acceptability of the article to the Editor-in-Chief.