Aims and scopes

Cultura e Scienza del Colore - Color Culture and Science (CCSJ) is a blind peer-reviewed diamond open access journal published on-line by Associazione Italiana Colore. The journal has a multidisciplinary approach, dealing with the main topics related to Color, as defined in the context of the international research. CCSJ provides a forum for the exchange and sharing of scientific knowledge and expertise in the areas of (but non limited to):

  1. Color and measurement/instrumentation.
  2. Color and digital.
  3. Color and lighting.
  4. Color and physiology.
  5. Color and psychology.
  6. Color and production.
  7. Color and restoration.
  8. Color and built environment.
  9. Color and design.
  10. Color and culture.
  11. Color and education.
  12. Color and communication/marketing.

CCSJ publishes comprehensive reviews on specific fields and regular research papers. The aim of the Journal is to encourage scientists, researchers and professionals to publish their experimental results and theoretical work in a comprehensive way.