Imaging colorimeters to evaluate Camera Monitor Systems image quality


  • Cristian Bonanomi Konica Minolta Sensing
  • Kedar Sathaye



Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems, Autonomous Driving, Camera Monitor Systems, 2D Colorimeters, Display Evaluation


Over the last few years, we have experienced a gradual increase in autonomous and driver assistance technology. Generally, we refer to systems as ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance systems). A particular aspect of ADAS is Camera Monitor Systems (CMS), a system composed of a camera, a software that performs image processing operations, and a monitor for the driver. These systems help increase the overall safety aspect of the vehicle and increase the visibility of the drivers’ surroundings; therefore, the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) must adhere to country specific regulations, necessary to test the robustness of the system. There are several test procedures for assessing CMSs, in this paper we will focus to the optical performance evaluation of the system. This includes lighting system, test patterns and an imaging colorimeter accompanied by a software which performs measurements according to the regulations mentioned in ISO16505:2019 (ISO, 2019).


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