More Than a Tube of Color - The Emotion




Relationship, Psychology, Hair Color, Emotional Connection, Trust


The relationship a colorist builds with their chosen products is deeply emotional and is heavily dependent on trust and confidence in their performance.  With this confidence a colorist’s focus can remain on their ability to ensure consumers’ happiness through proper product choice, which directly affects the livelihood of a colorist. When a person sits in the colorist’s chair, there can be trepidation, anxiousness, eagerness, or excitement.  As with all relationships, understanding these emotions builds trust between consumer and colorist.  How people feel about their hair color is intimate and unique to each individual. Color creates a connection to how people see themselves, and thus a reflection of how one is perceived. We will look at the perception and psychology behind different colors of hair, such as blonde, red, brunette, and grey. These intended consumer benefits – confidence, happiness, comfort - are often derived from this sacred service.

Author Biography

Sherman Wong, Collective Beauty Brands

Education Director - Collective Beauty Brands


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